Traditional Hand-wiped Tinning of Copper Bath Tub!

Copper Bath Tub

Traditional Hand Tinning

By applying traditional methods at Sherwood tinning the re-tinning of Copper Bath Tub start by stripping out the old lining down to the bare copper metal and then ladling in molten tin to coat the interior surfaces.


Copper bath tub refurbishment and tinning is a unique process undertaken in our facilities. Copper bath tub tinning includes a special highly skilled tinning process combined with Traditional hand-wipe method and craftsmanship. Tinning process is carried out in a special way so that it lines up the bath tub with an efficient and appropriate layer of tin, rendering it usable once more with traditional craftsmanship combined with quality to last.


The traditional “hand wiped” method of re-tinning applies a much thicker layer of tin than “electroplating” methods.

 ‘IT DOESN’T look like much on the outside. And, to be perfectly honest, it doesn’t look like much on the inside. But what comes out of Sherwood Tinning is quite literally fit for a Queen… and her husband……’

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