Tinning of Steel Mixing Bowls

We specialise in the Tinning of Steel Mixing Bowls

Tinning of Steel Mixing Bowls

tinning of steel mixing bowls poole

At Sherwood Tinning we use a unique traditional method for tinning of steel mixing bowls poole. Heavy duty Steel Mixing bowls are used for avariety of food service handling applications.

Heavy Duty Steel Mixing Bowls are made of corrosion resistant heavy gauge steel for long lasting use, durability and dependability. Various recognized brands offer wide selection of bowls used for use in professional kitchens and other foodservice handling applications. Concave bottoms designed to sit flat on countertop. Rounded rims for easy mixing and handling. Available in wide range of diameters and capacities. Various type tubular steel Mixing Bowl Stands with tray slides and movable casters also now available.

Nick Stevenson does it the old-fashioned way, with cleaning, re-shaping with a hammer and anvil, extreme heat and by hand. It’s the only way, he’d say and added:

The process of cleaning is unique and what come out as a finished product is amazing and the re-tinning process is a special process carried out on various vessels.

  • The item is put in a degreasing tank for 12-24 hours depending on the amount of grease and carbon build up.
  • Washed and dried.
  • Reshaped to its original form and dents are hammered out.
  • To remove any rust the item is inserted into pickling acid for approximately 12 hours for a deep clean.
  • Then the mixing bowls are Washed thoroughly and dried out.
  • Flux is then applied, heated to a high temperature, pure tin ingot is then applied and tinned, hand wiped in and out.
  • Once the tin smith is happy with the coating it is then left to cool.
  • Finally, the item is deep cleaned inside and out and can be used with no need for further washing

It’s a long way from the over all’s, acid and water which are the daily elements of life at Sherwood Tinning Factory but what comes out of it is stunning. ‘When you know you’ve made a good repair and restor at ion of tinning a steel mixing bowl ,it’sa wonderful thingtosee,” says… Nick Stevenson…..

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