Tinning of Copper Pans and Trays!

Traditional Hand-wiped Tinning process

At Sherwood Tinning refurbishment of copper cookware especially Copper pans and Trays are carried out in a traditional way. Hand-wiped tinning process which lines the pan with an efficient and appropriate layer of tin, rendering it usable once more with traditional craftsmanship combined with quality to last.

The traditional “hand wiped” method of re-tinning applies a much thicker layer of tin than “electroplating” methods.

  • Traditional Hand-wiped tinning process is an unique sherwood tinning process carried out on these copper pans and trays as highlighted below :
  • The item is put in a degreasing tank for 12-24 hours depending on the amount of grease and carbon build up.
  • Washed and dried.
  • Reshaped to its original form and dents are hammered out.
  • To remove any rust the item is inserted into pickling acid for approximately 12 hours for a deep clean.
  • Washed thoroughly and dried.
  • Flux is then applied, heated to a high temperature, pure tin ingot is then applied and tinned, hand wiped in and out. Once the tin smith is happy with the coating it is then left to cool.
  • Finally the item is deep cleaned inside and out and can be used with no need for further washing.

“By applying traditional methods at Sherwood tinning the re-tinning of a copper pans and trays start by stripping out the old lining down to the copper, then ladling in molten tin to coat the interior surfaces to obtain an excellent finish to suit customer requirements”

Copper Pans and Tray After Tinning

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