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Welcome to Sherwood Tinning Ltd

We specialise in the Relining and Refurbishment of Copper Cookware

SHERWOOD TINNING LIMITED are a well-established company specialised in relining and refurbishment of copper cookware. Our key services include refurbishment of copper utensils and replating of Silverware.

Our expert staff and partners are available to ensure that your piece of work is full specified and planned with the right people, equipment and materials to deliver the results you require.

All works are carried out to very high standards. We have an exemplary quality standards, safety, and environmental record and excellent workmanship.

Sherwood Tinning Limited including Directors and Staff hold Platinum status and our operatives are highly trained. Throughout the region we have worked on various cookware items and have established our self as specialist over the years for refurbishment of copper cooking utensils and replating-silverware.

All work carried out by Sherwood Tinning Services is executed in accordance with the relevant codes of practice, specifications and regulations in respect of materials, workmanship, safety, health and environment.

Sherwood Tinning Ltd

At Sherwood Tinning Ltd we offer

  • Historical Hand Re-Tinning
  • Cookware Re-Tinning
  • Silver Plating
  • Stainless Steel Polishing
  • Copper Polishing
  • Brass Polishing