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We specialise in the Relining and Refurbishment of Copper Cookware.

Copper Pots & Pans Re-tinning London

copper pots & pans re-tinning london

At Sherwood Tinning we specialise in relining and refurbishment of copper cookware. Our key services include Copper vessel Re-tinning and we specialise intraditional hand-wiped tinning process which lines the pan with an efficient and appropriate layer of tin, rendering it usable once more with traditional craftsmanship combined with quality to last.

If you’ve never owned a copper cooking pan you may as well stop reading now because you probably won’t get it. But if you do, you will be scrabbling for Nick Stevenson’s number as you read, for the simple reason that there aren’t many like him left. Indeed, Sherwood Tinning is the only one left in Dorset that re-tins pots and pans in the traditional, hand-wipe manner. No electro-plating, dipping, or cheapo solutions carried out in Sherwood factory.

Nick Stevenson does it the old-fashioned way, with cleaning, re-shaping with a hammer and anvil, extreme heat and by hand. It’s the only way, he’d say and added:

“When I first started, I looked at dipping and electro-plating and it is a very good method, but it gives you such a thin layer, extremely thin, it’s meant for decorative stuff not serious cooking,” he says. And as serious cooks all know: “There’s nothing to compare, cooking wise, with copper – any chef worth his salt will always try to use it,” he adds.
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